Monday, March 11, 2013

Black magic 黑魔法

victims or various types of black magic curse:

Magic of insanity. Made a person completely insane or lost his senses.

Magic of Love: Making someone fall in love with someone.

Magic of curse: Putting fear of the unknown in someone's heart.

Magic of stealing:  Making someone from rich into poor. A rich person's riches are taken away with black magic.


Magic of chaos  Destroying someone's home. Disturbing the peace of somebody's home and leaving it all destroyed and messed up.


Magic of breakup:  Separation between husband and wife or lover, with this he can break a home and destroy somebody's married happy life.


Magic of  hate: Wife hating her husband upon seeing his face. In this type of magic, when a wife looks at her husband she feels angry and thus they both live a miserable life.


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