Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't Steal away my life!

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feedback about my day today.. there had really been alot of accidents.   Just today when i was in the cab, the back was hit by some small delivery truck, the back of car was quite badly dented hahaha, luckily i didnt even get harmed, BUT when i got off the cab cause the lousy driver asked me to take another cab..i saw 3 other cars getting hit behind the delivery truck!! domino effect man. One of the driver was injured...... i was wearing aj chum kp, cat and black warrior. Before the accident i alr felt that something was wrong) not sure whether its black warrior or cat give warning), 3mins later, bam! shit happens.....ok, then i was in the middle of lornie rd at 5.30pm ,no cabs and heavy traffic seriously fked up cause im stuck there and all the cabs just went pass me cause of my location, but it was a miracle that i managed to get a cab within 10mins...... 5mins later i saw 2 other accidents, one was so bad that the car turned 180degrees.hahaha. this year is really a dangerous year..... i know im being protected by my amulets. thumbs up again ;) thanks bro.

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