Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Question and answer (Heart Stealer) 問題和答案(偷走你的心)

Q: Can this heart stealer use on anyone?


A: This is a very intelligent question here. Basically  this item can use on anyone or everyone but on 1 condition. 
In other words,  you can use on your boss, or relatives or friends who you know or they know you. You can simple you on any millionaire daughter and or any rich man to cheat their money!
That person that you use on must be link or related to you.
Note: Pls bear that karma exist in this world.

回答: 這可以用來對任何人,但有一個條件。必須與有關你的那個人。

Q: This item works wonder.


A: This item work in a way that will cover that gap for you if your mind has problem project thoughts to them. This will act as a bridge to deliver your message them and make them unconsciously has thoughts for you!


Q: How Powerful is this?
A: This item is make to be powerful and effective with many assistants. There will be tools given to the buyer to help the buyer to use them more effectively so that results can be see more easily. Some human hearts are more difficult to penetrate. Thus, the buyers will find that the tools will come in very  useful.

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