Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Curse of unlucky 2013 charm ( re-curse) 2013救主泰国佛牌 (SOLD)

Now, is already near to half of 2013. if you read my blog or has been following my blog, I has indicated that masters has predicted that this year will be a very problematic year for many people. True enough, I has seen many people lost their job or quite their job these few months! Bad health visit them or their family members, sudden death come to them! 
Now is only May, there are 7 more months to go!
If you are one of the 2013 bad energy victim, the savior is here!SOLD OUT


Those who get the phra rahu thai amulet from me, and follow the secret school method i teach, I notice that despite they suppose to go though serious disaster, things are petty fine with them till now at this moment! The only setback they told me that bad news or bad things will still knock on their door, but some force seem to chase the bad energy away after they do the 3 steps prayers which I teach them to follow on the phra rahu.


I told them that to hold tight to this phra rahu because this phra rahu is not only for 2013, but can be use in anytime, any day and any year of their life to chase away any bad things, any bad luck or any bad energy in their life.

When you use in the year that is not favorable to you, you will love him more because you will notice that his ability to help you to win any unfavorable times in life is one of his greatest gift that he possesses and which many other gods did not has!

thai amulet

Pray to this bad luck eater god, phra rahu!

 Tian Gou Tun Yueor the story of the celestial dog swallowing the Moon is a well- known mythology to all Chinese.The Thais refer to this as Rahu Om Chan The Thai mythology is delivering this as a celestial demon, which has a huge mouth and a voracious appetite that would swallow every thing, including the moon and the sun. This phenomenon what we know today in astronomy as the eclipse. The Thais believe, that Rahu can be very helpful to a person encountering obstacles in life or going through a phase of bad luck. It is commonly believed, that a person will have bad luck or encounter obstacles when his Chinese horoscope clashes with that of the particular year.As Rahu is capable of swallowing every thing, wearing a Rahu thai amulet, would help appease Rahu.;It is by paying respect to Rahu, Rahu will then readily devour all of your bad luck or even neutralize the bad energy and spit out good luck and fortune to you.

Thai magic believe, by using a coconut to make a phra rahu, will enhance the power of the amulet.
What I has here is a more this a more special grade coconut crave phra rahu.
According to the master, this special grade coconut can be only find in 1 out of 10 coconut and only very lucky people can find it and own it.

thai amulet

Lastly, hand written Phra Rahu mantra is written on the behind of the amulet.

phra rahu

Many many many people like to email me and ask me why their existing amulet which they get from some other sources which they are wearing are not effective or they don't know how to use it etc..

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