Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Girls keep checking me out!

Hello bro, 

 Want to update u on my experience ytd while wearing your amulets when I went drinking , 3 girls came to me.  At first I notice girl A looking at me from another table a few times alr. Afterwards, I went to grab a smoke in the smoking room, when I went back to my table she was talking to one of my friend who later introduced her to me, she was pretty but talked a lot. Afterwards each time I went to the smoking room I notice that she'll come in as well less than a minute later, and she started talking to me etc , and I found out she had a bf so I stayed clear. But she kept coming close me and touching me and hugging me, afterwards we went to eat Bak kut teh , she asked me where I lived and since it was near Clark quay, she said .."wah so near , like that if I'm drunk I can crash at your place alr right?hahaha" .it was an open invitation but I just kept quiet cause I know there would be complications from everything going on currently like u said. Hahaha. Later on we went back to drink again.
Girl B was beside my table,I noticed she kept looking at me as well but I didn't really bother cause there were other things on my mind. I met her in the smoking room where she suddenly came to me and asked "eh , you're from the table beside me right?" And asked if I was a foreigner etc. After that she  asked me whether I wanted to join tables with them , and she kept coming close to me as well , her chest was literally on my arm.
Girl c, she was more shy but still approached me and asked me for my number etc.  
By the way I gave all of them wrong numbers cause I don't want to entertain them.hahaha. 
All I can say is, wowwwww. Your amulets really boost my attraction. 😂. Waiting for next week to get my next amulet bro. Hahaha.

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