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bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet 賄賂神,賄賂鬼財富魅力泰國佛牌 (sold out)

Recently, I am looking for a wealth charm for the gamblers and use to please the gods and the spirits. When I enter the gambling den, I notice that the places are heavily guard by the spirit and very hard to win very well in the gambling place or casino.
Furthermore, some gods still need to be please or bribe for them to make your wish come true.
I looking for something that will make people has money fast, wish come true fast, related to any matters come true. 


I was talking to one of the master about my inquiry, then he told me that there is a master which is expertise in such magic.
I start up my journey and thank the master for his recommendation.

I manage to find master wood after following the directions given by previous master.

Master wood stay in a cemetery that is use to bury for the rich families in thailand.
He is the head master performing ritual for the dead.


I heard from the people there in the village that he is the spiritual adviser of some rich families in Thailand. I am very excited after hearing this because I am going to seek his help for me and my buyers!


I express my interest in his help and he told me that many people wish did not come true after many prayers not because they are not sincere. But they do not do it correctly.


He has a secret formula that will use the power of both white and black magic that will make money wish and other wish come true fast.

After a person die, people believe they has move on to another journey. During the journey to underworld, the masters believe that the soul need money to bribe or need money for expenses or allowance for journey after death.


Below is a skull which the master dig out from the cemetery showing the skull biting on to a coin.


Master has perform ritual on the unused coin which they use to place in the mouth of the death.


The coin before place in mouth of the death, has being done with a ritual that will attract the gods or spirit to do according to your wish.


I told the master my buyers all are still alive!!!! still can use? still effective????? money will still come to us?
He say yes!



He told me to bring them back and teach me a formula on how to pray, how to make wish to has the gods and spirits helping me on my wishes.


He further elaborate on this higher powerful thai amulet:

This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet is imbued with amazing Good Luck, Prosperity, Wealth, and Attracting Money energy! You can carry the coin with you to have amazing attraction of good things, good luck energies!


This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet will improve your general luck and you will often be in the right place at the right time for good things to come your way. 


This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet have the Change my life spell. This spell gives you a total overhaul in your life. It can quickly bring change in any area that is troublesome or stagnant. New life and hope will emerge and you will finally feel like your life is back on track. No matter what is going on this spell can help smooth things out and work in your favour for a change.


This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet will make Money  to flow freely to you in many varied ways. One of my devotes has described it as "it feels like people want to give me money". This spell helps you to have the money you need when you need it.

This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet  now a powerful wishing device after master ritual blessing. Simply hold the vessel in your hands and make your focused wish. Then believe and see what great things can happen. It works just like a powerful god beside you but you don't have them inside. This spell is awesome and useful for people who need a lot of help in their life because you can wish for anything.
You can wish for multiple wishes at once.

For people who want a success career, debt free, financial freedom, loving family, good lover.

This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm is the right one for you.

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