Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Buyer win, Nayan win (another happy buyer)

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A buyer feedback that her boyfriend has been very rude to her and keep scolding her and furthermore, do things that hurt her heart. After getting some amulet from me, things improve a lot.
Below is her feedback:

Nayan…owh yea…i talked to my Amulet x3 before reached home but i didn't chant, i just directly put it in my hand and hold it to my head…for a peaceful and harmony relationship with my bf…when I see him im the morning, he talked to me with low volume…no more shouting and scolding…:p hoping that'll last for a day…am waiting for the second item patiently now…:)

And now his telling whenever his going out just after I talked to my Amulet just now…thx Nayan! :)

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