Tuesday, July 8, 2014

i am glad to have you in my life ( another happy person)

hey bro , just wanted to write a feedback to you about the thai amulets I got from last month. haha as usual the energy from your amulets are awesome.

 You mentioned it was going to be a bad month and I could see many people were badly affected during the past month.  Fortunately you guided me through those tough times and a great deal of the impact was minimised for me although there were inevitable hiccups here and there, but it was generally an alright month for me after seeing so many people being affected.  some examples are , 1) out of goodwill I allowed my friend to view my work as a reference but they ended up copying everything from my work , in addition I had a higher plagiarism rate compared to them for some reason and things weren't to my favor but I remember I was wearing one of your charms for convincing and surprisingly I would say 80% of the attention was directed to the guy who copied my work which meant it I am more or less on the clear.

2) there seems to be progress with my ex girlfriend

Again,  a big thank you for your guidance through these few years. :) 

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