Monday, July 14, 2014

Jam His ass!!!! ( Another Happy Buyer)

Recently, a regular buyer contact me that she was being bully in workplace.
Colleagues trying to play politics with her, to stop or creating obstacles for her to make her unable to complete her task ,given by boss, in time.
I told her these type of bastard need to play rough with them, kick their stupid mind.
Thus i introduce a secret magic tools to her and now, she happily enjoying the bliss of the cooperation of her colleagues.

Hi Nayan,

As promised, this is my feedback on the manipulation tools.

I was having some communications problem with my team mates at my new work place.  There is some misunderstanding and I need to communicate effectively with them in order to get my project moving.  If that particular team mate continue to ignore me and avoid discussing the project details with me or choose not share the information, I am unable to get my work done.

Due to some misunderstanding in between us, my team mate choose to avoid me and block me on whatsapp.  I have a hard time trying to break the ice.

Hence, I approach Nayan for help and advise.  I was being introduced to the manipulation tool.  I did as per Nayan's instructions and team mate has unblock me on whatsapp and replied to me.  Though not as friendly as before, but I think the misunderstanding is cleared.
Thanks Nayan again for the wonderful help.

Signed off: 3 items at a go

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