Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thank until don't know how to thank

Just pick up a gay relationship case recently.
His lover is a bisexual.
Quite Challenging, but nothing impossible with powerful magic!
Below is the gay Thank Journal from him.

Hi Nayan

i am really really shock that my lover xxx ,,,,can actually let me hug him ,,,hold his hands during our chat last night
and what was amazing was that,,,he actually got work during at 5pm to 9pm sharp today...means he should start work at 5pm
but he lie to that slut (her so call gf )saying he went to work but actually he stays with me and sleep on my bed ,,
and he ask his partimers to take over the job ,,when i hear this i am really shock and stunt

another thing is when he came back home he feels soooooooooo happy and delighted as i cook for him during the midnight ,,,,remember the soup ..i wats app you
woahhh everything was extremely smooth...i did not quarrel with him and at all
and he just want to chat with me and share with me so many things under one roof
i got soooo stunt
he says what i just agree and give very smooth suggestion ....and he feels so happy
when we chat our eyes contact is so strong that when i close my eyes i will sent him a love shape to his face

i sincerely thank you so so much nayan which i am out of words now

last but not least ,,,he is going to his gf house tommo afternoon to fix a lamp for her .....why is it so?? ....
cast that he will reply to her tommo ,,,says ohhh i am very tired i want to sleep at home and not going anywhere
hope master can help on that

 A SUPER BIG SINCERE THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU NAYAN ..think master cast a very strong spell yesterday
to make us together .....which makes me love him even more and wanted to kiss him ....

i pray that master will continue to cast a strong spell to again ...

i fall on tears when i see the 70percent results ..

lock his heart with a chain only to me and come back home to only me .......

nayan please forward this email to master saying that i really big big thank you to his help
one fine day i will visit him with you and donate coffin to the poor which i has promise to repay his big gratitude ...

gum xia gum xia ...

gum xia gum xia  mean thank you in chinese hokkien language.

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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