Monday, September 15, 2014

Fire your mum and eREBULL

My buyer told me he need money to go Korea for holiday. But no money. Mum sick of keep giving him money.
Well, I told him no problem. I will "unsick" her mum and bend her mind to give you extra cash!
He told me he was no time to sleep as he need extra time to study for exam.
Well, no problem again.
Master do a  ritual for him and feed his brain with a eREBULL.
Now, he is happily holiday after the extra cash from mum and had finish his exam successfully!

hello bro,

here i am writing a feedback to you on my holiday trip. Thanks to the stuff i got from you, i managed to go on this holiday. my mum suddenly sponsored me for the trip, out of no where she just said she'll give me extra cash hahaha . remember i told you my mum was very against it? hahaha. your stuff is very magical , the things u want will somehow auto come to you in a strange and unexpected way. but the main point is it gets the job done. i am very happy now, and hopefully i will be able to meet my ex.
also the ritual for my exams were superb,  i only slept for 2hrs a day but i feel as if i have drank 10 redbulls. hahahaha. hopefully my results will be good. will update u again soon.  thanks again bro

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