Friday, October 17, 2014

AGAIN AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! You has help me Nayan!

hey bro , this is unbelievable. Good news just doesn't stop coming after using your thai amulets. remember i told you about the appeal i had to do to get back into school? i met them last week and they just gave me reply today saying that i am accepted back to the school again. the best part is that i am the only one that got accepted back although i failed more modules than my friends and other people. i am shocked as hell because my record in school such as attendance isnt that great either. your stuff is really powerful,the best part is that i dont have to repeat , i can just continue where i left off. hahaha. 
oh and when i was praying , i had a very strong feeling i was connected to amulet as i made my wish. thats all for this update. i am damn happy now. thanks again bro.


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