Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I am enjoying life without BEING rich!

I has create a happy holiday for my regular buyer with very low budget, but enjoying the life of a king!

And he told me his faith for magic double shot up when he meet a  fortune teller who told him that his life actually sucks! but with the regular advise from me and the regular amulet he use on him actauuly give him the dream life he has dream for! And this has been assusre and confirm by the fortune teller in korea that he has been help by hidden force!

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bro im back from my holiday trip and i want to update u! 
Firstly is budget wise and the combinations you had set for me to wear. For this holiday as you know i had a rather tight budget but i managed to enjoy this trip without thinking a lot about my expenses . on the 2nd day of my trip my friends parents wanted to meet me and my friend for lunch , we went to eat fresh seafood and the bill was about $500-600 usd cause they ordered abalone etc , on 2 other occasions i met with another friends parents twice and the meals we ate with them added up to about 700-800 . hahaha i managed to save on those meals giving me extra cash to spend on my trip. not only that, one of my friends parents gave us another 200usd to spend out of a sudden. i think i was wearing metta items on that day because somehow more attention was given to me on those occasions. The main point was that i did not spend as much on good food the country has to offer and i managed do more shopping.hahaha.

next i went to a fortune teller, this is where things get interesting.  the things they told me were things that i already knew because u had told me before. like about my ex feelings etc were all exactly the same! but the only difference is that they used cards to be able to tell me all of that but u did not need them to tell me all those information ;)  ALSO , they did not have any solutions to my problems which i felt was pointless because i would just be finding out problems that i had no solution to. i remember the fortune teller telling me that i had no luck till next year, as in personally i did not have luck naturally. BUT the fortune teller said my luck right now comes from religion or spiritually. i feel that they chose "religion" or "spiritually"  because they did not know i had help from your amulets all this while hahahaha. After hearing all that, i thought to myself. " omg without your help and thai amulets i think i would be in shambles by now ". ohya i forgot to mention that the fortune teller i went to went on tv before and the energy in the room i was in while she read my fortune was so strong i felt giddy inside.
that's all for my trip , thanks again bro. I'll meet up with you soon.

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