Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dont mess with me beyond love thai love charm

Those who know me , I am a warrior in life.
Fighting against odds in life. 
Never, or ever, bow down to fate.
Is not a matter white or black. 
Just a matter of necessary to win back in life again.....

Love or relationship problems is like  a thorn in our ass in life.
You don't kill it, this thorn will forever hurt your ass.

My determine to find a Saviour for my devoted buyers finally bring me to a answer.
My prayers are answer.
There is this guy ( he told me don't call him master) who always being hunted by loser.
Loser mean failure in relationship.
I manage to catch hold of this guy.
He has no house.
I ask him why, he said he cannot get a proper sleep or rest because his name has spread throughout the whole Thailand that he can turn the smelly stinky love or die-ing relationship to a sparking and hot love!
I cannot sleep for a few nights when i heard of him.
Has heard of piles of feedback from my thai friend who has use his breakthrough love charms.
I am going for another breakthrough in my magick world.  Yes!

When i saw him , he was sitting under a tree and surrounded with some metals and pens.

I approached him and he immediately said: don't call me master.
My name is XXX.
I was very curious and ask him why.
He said: i was like a layman same as you.
I was full of bugging relationship problems.
5 years ago, I was about to commit suicide.
A man with black robe approach me from far.
The man with black robe say: i going to teach you a magic, that will turn your relationship problems around, capture their heart like casting a net to the sea to capture those helpless fish.
Going to cast a "dont mess with me" mantra on them.
When this mantra is cast on them, even when you try to chase them off, they will like a housefly and keep coming back!
No matter how you chase them away,  how you hide, how you run, you turn your head around, the housefly will be there buzzing around you.
The man after use this thai amulet on himself, his love life become full of rainbow.
He is unstoppable.

1 of my friend who told me about him shouting at me and said: this love charm is 1 of the best of the best i had gotten and has experienced. Just do yourself and others a favor. Go and do whatever you has to do to experience this hot love charm melt on your relationship!

Now, he has reach a stage and told me that he has to stay away from a permanent house because he always full of lovers haunting him and peoples come from every corner of the world to look for him to end their relationship problems.

According to him, the following scary powerful events could happen to you:

Make your lover unknowingly love deeply on you
Make your lover feel exist in this world because of you
Make your lover feel guilty for not loving you
Ask god return him/her to you.
Mend a broken heart
True Life Time Commitment
Save a relationship or marriage.

Results?  You will be top of the world!

You no longer a loser
That could save your life 
Rediscovery your aim in life again...

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