Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nayan, DAMN IT! You can do better than my doctor!

I am being approach my buyer who told me that they want babies! 
They has spend enough on doctors!
Well, I told them that almost everything is possible as long as you believe with magic!

Hello Nayan,

I am writing this feedback for my couple friend that I have recommended to you.  They are not so well-versed in English, hence I am writing in on their behalf.  As promised.

When I first recommended my couple friends to you, they were hoping to improve their luck in conceiving.  They were told by doctors that their chance of conceiving is pretty low as the male has low sperm count.  They have tried natural conceiving for a year and there is no luck.  Due to budget constraint, they are unable to seek advanced medical help.

I spoke to them about my encounter with you and they decided to approach you for help.

Well, initially they were quite secretive about what items they took from you when I asked them.  However, they couldn't hold back the secret now as they just informed me that my female friend is currently 8 weeks pregnant.

They were very happy as they told me that they make wishes to spirit asking for a baby ever since they have gotten the spirit.  They tried wishing every night for a period of 1 month.  And to their surprised, unknowingly, my female friend sense some good news.  And I am the 1st person she informed upon confirmation from doctor.

Apart from having this good news, they also realise that their work is more smooth and they feel more confident when handling work and new task.  They even won lucky draws (though not big amount but they are contented).........  It is their simplicity that makes their simple wishes come true fast and smooth.

Haha,  Upon hearing their good news, I have just made my order from you for a wishing spirit to help me with a smooth work and life.  Looking forward to receiving my items.

Signed off
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