Thursday, April 16, 2015

My world rock with you, Nayan (Juicy Feeback) 和你一起摇滚我的世界,Nayan (绘声绘色的反馈)

Hello bro I'm back again with another feedback on my recent combination thai amulet to wear you gave me.
On the day itself you changed my combination after meeting up with you & also telling me that my metta (charming)was quite power now. my friends and I went to get some drinks at a thai disco. I would say it was one of the best nights I had hahaha. Firstly when we went into the disco everyone seemed to turn their heads at us and look. Within 5mins there were 8 girls at our table talking to us and playing drinking games with us, but they were all looking at me. At some point in time one of my friend whispered to my ear " cb the girl keep asking about you I don't know what's their problem" . As I was checking my phone and replying people suddenly another 2 girls came over to our table, it was only later that I knew they came over from the table behind us and my friends told me the 2 guys  from that table weren't happy so I looked back at them to take a glance , they were stared at me and showed me their gang logo, I just smirked at them cause I thought it was fking lame for guys who looked at least 40 doing that. They even wanted to compete with us by hanging a lot of flowers for the girls....okay the girls did go back to them but within 10-15mins they came back to our table, it was truly laughable from me and my friends point of view. Well their table  was kind of empty for about 15mins and they left shortly.
Later one girl came and asked me whether I wanted to go out and smoke with her , I said okay because I was under the influence of alcohol, her English wasn't good so talking to her was abit tough but she asked me stuff like why didn't I bother much about the girls at our table and that they were quite sad I didn't pay attention to them, I replied her " because I wasn't interested in them " she then asked me " so what about me?" . I just ignored her question hahaha. She then asked me whether she could take a look at our cars , I didn't think much and said ok but as we were walking down the staircase she suddenly sat down on the steps and touched my dick and  kissed me, I was already high so I touched her and made out with her as well but after awhile I thought of my ex girlfriend and stopped whatever were doing. It was awkward for awhile but she then asked me for my number etc, I had a few numbers that night by the way.
Afterwards I went back in , a girl came over to my side and asked if I was tired, I told her I couldn't drink anymore. I closed my eyes for awhile but I felt someone touching my thighs. Note: I was wearing shorts. It was the girl using her finger nails to lightly caress my thighs and she slowly tried to push her hands into the gap of my pants. Fucking hell bro when u said my metta was good I didn't expect it to be this good hahahaha. Afterwards I told her to drink with my friends cause I wanted to disturb them, and she really drank with them! hahahaha. That is about it for that night. Note: I only hang flowers twice as a courtesy cause they accompanied me.

2nd part.

Apparently I found out that one of my friend was cheating on my old friend . I went down to meet him tgt with the girl. Okay bro, the funny thing is he wasn't really a friend of mine because during my younger days we weren't exactly on good terms and I fought with him before. Back to the story haha, after my 2 friends had their pointless talk , I spoke to him and told him about her because I honestly felt pity for him. He seemed to trust me alot and still thanked Me  later on. It's definitely  the work of good metta.

That's about it for this feedback bro. :) hope to see u again for my next item.

兄弟, 你好。我又回来写了另一个反馈关于你最近给我的组合泰國佛牌
在你与我见面后改变我的组合的这一天,和告诉我我的人缘目前很强。我的朋友和我到泰国迪斯科喝点小酒。我能说这是我其中最好的夜晚哈哈。首先,当我们走进迪斯科时似乎每个人都回过头来向着我们看。在五分钟内有八位女孩在我们的桌子与我们说话和玩喝酒游戏,但她们全都在看着我。在某时间,我其中一位朋友低声说到我的耳朵里 “XXX, 那位女孩总是在打听你我不知道她有什么问题。”当我检查我的电话回答人时,突然,另两位女孩来到我们桌旁,后来才知道她们来自我们的后桌。我的朋友告诉我,后桌的两个家伙很不高兴所以我往回看他们一眼,他们盯着我显示他们的帮派标志,我只是对他们傻笑因为我认为这些看上去至少有40 岁的家伙做样做,真呆。他们甚至想要与我们竞争,为女孩们挂了很多的花... ... 女孩们的确回到他们那儿但在十到十五分钟内,他们回到我们的桌,这从我和我朋友们的观点真是可笑。他们的桌子十到十五分钟蛮空的,不久后他们离开了。
后来一位女孩过来,问我是否想出去,与她抽烟,因为我在酒精的影响下, 我说好,她的英语不是很好所以和她说话时有些困难但她问我一些事例如我为何不多理睬那些在我们桌旁的女孩们而他们都很伤心因为我并不重视他们。我回答她“因为我对她们不感兴趣。”然后她问我“那我呢?”我就不理睬她的问题哈哈。然后她问我她是否可以看看我们的车,我并没有多想就说: 好吧。但当我们走下楼梯时,她突然在台阶上坐下,触摸我的下面,吻了我,我在酒精的影响下所以我抚摸着她以及和她亲热但过了一会儿我想起我的前女友然后停止我们的举动。我们尴尬了一段时间,但她接着问我我的电话号码等,那晚我拿到了好几个电话号码。



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