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Taoist don't suitable thai amulet

Receive a interesting enquiry.
Sharing here on my post.

Hi Nayan,

I am a Taoist staying in Singapore.

I am a person who luck is always not on my side, in term of career, wealth and relationship with others. Whenever there is a good opportunity for me, it will always be some people or some event to obstruct/ distract me, resulting me from missing it.

我本人的运气不是非常顺。 事业, 财富, 人际关系, 都是不顺畅。如有好事将近, 凡事也会遇到阻碍, 好事多磨。

I used to wear Thai amulets, from famous Thai temple, as introduce by friends or even magazine. However I don't really feel the big improvement for me for the past 20 years. Is Thai Amulet suitable for everyone? What do you suggest for me?
我尝试佩戴各种泰国佛牌。 无论是朋友介绍或是出名庙宇介绍的。二十年了, 都不见起色。泰国佛牌真的适合每个人吗? 你有任何建议?

And currently I am still keeping those amulets at home, so how to dispose it?

Reply below:

There is no such thing whether amulet suit a person or don't suit.

There are cases where a person cannot get a powerful amulet to see effective results.
有许多佩戴者声诉: 无法寻获适合他们的泰國佛牌

That's the fact

Amulet don't suit is spoken only by the unwise.
佛牌不适合佩戴者是无能者的说法 。

Just like a western people say they don't suit Chinese herbs.

But are you aware that the Western people treat herbs like king food now?

Pls dont forget you are not westerner and you are taking a western medicine like antibiotic.

I has many Christian buyers who use my amulets.
在我的买主当中, 也有许多的基督教徒。

They ask me:

Q: Can i use?
问: 佛牌适合我吗?

A: definitely.
答: 当然

Q: do not need to change my religious?
问: 我需要更改我的宗教吗?

A: no need.
答: 不需要

Q: why?
问: 为何?

A: my amulet will work on anyone, any races, any religious and any nationality.
So even if you worship Saturn, my item will still work well on you and will not interfere your relationship with Saturn.
Instead, some of my black items will improve spur relationship with Saturn and the black magic gods.
答: 我的泰國佛牌适合任何人, 无论任何宗教信仰, 国际或种族。即使你是信仰魔教, 我的物品不但不会扰乱你和你的魔神的关系, 反倒会促进你和魔神和幽灵之间的交流。

Many people read a lot and research a lot.

But they are going from bad to worse instead of more clever.

Due to they stick to the non wise people.

Go for effective amulet.

Don't blindly follow blind.

you are like the famous saying below:

The blind follow the blind.

Get the fire tiger amulet which has save and improve many many many people life's.

They has place their honest feedback in my blog.

Getting the fire tiger amulet can't be wrong.

you has invest a lot of time and money on others amulets.

I will teach you how to handle them after your purchase.
将来, 我会教导你如何处置那些你不需泰國佛牌

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