Saturday, March 19, 2016

Let's get holy by burn down a mosque (article by a "holy" monk)

After the post of the "uncle" or old man UNDERGROUND WEALTH THAI AMULET , many people "FALL IN LOVE" IN the old man or uncle.

They seem very interested in him.

Some ask me if he masturbate or has sex on the day, still can bless?
And is he holy enough to bless the wealth thai amulet since he is not master?

You see, what we are talking here is about magic, sorcery. In the magic world, the person who does channeling is selected by the gods.
So the gods will tell him the rules and regulation. Is up to him to obey as he will be punishing if he disobey.
Just like football, you have to play by the rules of the games. Else, you got a red or yellow card.

I know of a so call "holy" master, he was half paralyzed now because he has an affair with his female disciple.
So you no need to worry other people “unholyness”.  You just need to focus how this item going to FATTEN your wallet.
 I did my homework and have proven that his item works! 

I has got a excited buyer calling me just now who going to lose his sleep tonight told me that he got a sum of money appear suddenly in his bank account. I told him not to be too excited as such incident could be dangerous. He told me that he has checked with the bank and the sum of money is credit from his previous employer. And after calling his previous boss, the boss apologies that there is some miscalculation in his pay check and they are refunding him the balance! He is very happy because he in need of some money to get a new laptop for his daughter

Aright, anyway, most people will think famous or holy are best. I have my own proven method of choosing amulet that will works for buyers. I been cheated and coned by many "holy “master or monks or "famous “guru previously.
And each lesson from these "wolf in sheepskin "toughen” my system of magic and I am thankful to them. 
Else, I and my buyers won't have such wonderful magic system that works well.

I know of a very famous monk, from a super famous temple who supposes to be damn holy.
But guess what?
He told the people to burn down mosque to revenge! 
YES, READ MY SENTENCE 10000 TIMES AND ASK YOUR sex buddy or partner to read for you and they will tell you that holy beast tell nayan and people to burn down the mosque.
Don't believe nayan words, as most people will tell you!

I definitely won't say these types of sentence as I has many muslim buyers. They are really good people! 

Well, I dare to challenge you!

Read at the article below and see what he said:

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