Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hey, it work like a charm

A buyer told me that he need my help to get people attention. He need badly a second chance!

He has failed several times in his high school and the school has given him many chances. This times, he fail again! There is no way they are going to give him a second chance!

After using my item which I has recommended him, miracle, he got his appeal approve!

Hello Bro,  my appeal results came out today. As you know I have failed my exams and the school has already given me a chance once ,allowing me to continue studying and not terminate me because you have helped me previously as well before hence I seeked your help again in making my appeal a success this time. I did as u have told me after I have gotten your thai amulets, the secret technique you have taught me was very effective. Basically I went to meet the in charge of my course today to further explain my appeal, while I was explaining she did not seem to take much interest in what I was saying and even scolded me for not cherishing my first chance, at that point of time I already felt that I was not going to be approved. But suddenly she said I was lucky , lucky that the head of management had already approved my appeal for this chance and that no one ever had passed their appeal the second time. I was shocked that I heard that because as u know I'm not a good student in the first place who has wrote in numerous appeals to the school for various issues. BUT still I was the only one that received this piece of good news while my other friends who appealed as well all failed. This is what u truly call a miracle! Your amulets not only gave me this chance to complete my studies but as well as giving me enough time to work on my career path before my enlistment, we will talk more about that when we meet up again.
Thanks again for all your help Nayan. There is no doubt about your amulets power because the results speak for itself!! 

兄弟, 今天我接获我的续学申请成绩。之前我已和你提过, 我在会考中名落孙三。我必须向校方提出申请, 特准我继续升学。在那第一次的申请过程, 你已帮我顺利过关。

这一次我又需要你再一次帮我通过第二轮的申请面试。因为我又不及格了。逢第二次提出申请的同学们, 从来没一个过关。

在第一次的申请面试中, 那名面试官告诉我: 他已破格让我继续升学, 下不为例。在这次的面试中, 我被即任导师痛训了一番。心里想: 这一次我肯定要停学了。可没想到: 好险哪! 我又顺利通过面试, 可以继续升学。这一切的功劳都是因为你!!!

所有的成功全仰仗于你的泰国佛牌。你给我介绍的泰国佛牌发挥他们的神奇力量, 让我见证了奇迹与希望。我不但可以成功完成学业, 也可以在入伍前专注发展我的事业。我将来的发展计划, 会面时再与你详谈。

再一次感谢你的帮助。你的佛牌的惊人力量是让人意想不到的! 事实已证明了一切!


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