Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ladies sweet revenge: make your ex lover crawl coming back charming bastard thai amulet

This pity lady, a loser in the love relationship.  Always treat like a toy by her lover.
Now, she is different. She got her revenge. After using this no mercy love charm , charming bastard, in a short notice, she got phone calls and messages from her lost lovers who has dump her previously.
She told me she going to dump them back after they has crawl back!

It seem like what i wanted happened
But not about my ex other guy
But what u said is true
I did foget bout the charm n just had fun and the charm worked!
Theres this one guy i had crush he suddenly stopped contact me  but i dont know why he stopped contact me last tuesday then suddenly just now he contact me
His reason he said his phone broken.. Hmm but i dont care as long as he contact me but he want to meet me tomoroe
I also met with my ex bf long last time it was 2013
Its been a long time i didnt met him we didnt contact but suprisingly ive met him the first night i used the charm bastard
It seem like i can charm any guy that i want cos i wish to charm any guy that i want and dont want to be played again i said
And now everythings seem goes my way! 
Wow thank u nayan and thanks to master 😬😊

有名可怜的女生的爱情运超烂, 总遇不到任何一个真心对待她的伴侣。经常被男人玩弄其感情。可是这次终于到她复仇的时候了! 

在她使用了此爱情泰國佛牌之后, 对方会对她神魂颠倒, 日夜思念, 狂追不舍。在短时间, 迅速的把抛弃她的前任, 统统招回她的身边! 而她会以牙还牙, 让他们体验被心爱的人抛弃后的惨痛经历!
一切就如我所愿, 不只是我的前任, 就连我曾经暗恋的男生也莫名其妙的主动与我联络! 我遵照了你的嘱咐, 随意而安, 一切如往。在我不知觉中, 所有的奇迹就这样莫名的发生在我身上! 多年不愿与我会面的前任答应明日与我见面! 我暗恋许久的男生也主动约我! 看来我可以使任何一个男人为我神魂颠倒。我不再被男人玩弄于鼓掌了! 一切顺利, 随心所欲。谢谢你, 谢谢大师!

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