Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I can't imagine life without you

Just received a Thank you note from a buyer Via watapps. Last few months, he went thru some obstacles. I promised to help him with the help of our services and thai amulet.

After a month, all his obstacles and relationship with lover get better with the help of the love charm thai amulet. 
Below is his Thank you Note.

Hi Bro just want to give an update for the past month. I'm very thankful for your amulet combination and help you have given me. As you have predicted me and my gf would quarrel during her birthday celebration week , there was 1 particular day it was extremely bad but after praying it was fast and smoothly resolved, on top of that she even apologised which was quite a surprise because her ego is bigger than anything I know. A few days later the quarrel was brought up again and she even told me of an agreement so we wouldn't have the same issue again which surprised me again.  Thanks a lot Bro.  Next is I passed my driving test finally after you changed a new combination for me , to be honest I felt I didn't drive so well and there were many road situations on my test day but I only had 6 demerits haha. Thanks again Bro.

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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