Monday, October 9, 2017

Throw Away Your Life

Do a Change Over on this buyer life
He say he want a change on his sucks life! 
I told him to get a "Throw Away Your Life" thai amulet from us!

Soon, he got a new job with a pay increment of $1000.00 

[21/09, 17:08] ‪Happy Buyer‬: Hey nayan!!  Wanna share a good new with u!!
[21/09, 17:08] Nayan: Sure
[21/09, 17:08] ‪Happy Buyer‬: Had been staying in this company for 3yrs, they only increase my salary $100 and nothing else was done
[21/09, 17:09] ‪Happy Buyer‬: After u helped me balance 1 one of my elements according my my needs
[21/09, 17:12] ‪Happy Buyer‬: By recommending me the amulet!
[21/09, 17:12] ‪Happy Buyer‬: That's a 6 star hotel restaurant head hunter me and offer me the same position but with a 1k increasement with high chances of going  overseas to help them expand their business!! Thanks alot nayan!!! Buy u lunch the next meet up 🙏🙏🙏
[21/09, 17:14] Nayan: OK!

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