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There are many ways where get blessing from masters. Today, i will introduce one of the unique and rare methods which are being used.
Below is the article which describe the the method which i am introducing:

There is a popular display now on a seven-year world tour -- a display of relics, physical remains, it is said, of the Buddha and other great Buddhist teachers. The tradition is that when a spiritually pure Buddhist master is cremated, his remains can include not only bone fragments but tiny pearl-like beads, called ringsel, which are believed to emit spiritual power and even to multiply. In Washington, we talked about these mysteries with Victoria Ewart, the manager of the Heart Shrine Relic Tour.

(The Heart Shrine Relic Tour): These relics have come from masters around the world, starting with the Buddha and other Buddhist practitioners after his time. And the relics are produced because the master has spiritual realizations. So when the body is cremated, then these ringsel -- relics -- are found among the ashes.

So this means that when the Buddha was cremated two and a half thousand years ago, these relics were left behind. So they're not pieces of bones. They're actually manifestations of the realizations of the Buddha and other masters. And the idea is that, when you come into contact with these ringsel, you automatically create happiness, or virtue, because of the power of the holy object

The ringsel multiply, given the right conditions. You can see from the photograph, which was taken in June 2001. And a month later, I looked inside the container, and I saw that there were three very small new relics there. So that means it's an interactive process.

So often people say to me, "How do you know that these relics are real? You know, how can you tell these come from the Buddha?" And the answer is that we don't. But we do have a tradition of these relics being passed down from master to student. And we ask the master in the temple -- whether he's Vietnamese, Chinese, Tibetan, whatever -- we ask him or her to bless each person that wishes to receive a blessing. They come forward, they make a bow, and then they receive the blessing.

He will place the relics on top of the crown of your head. And the reason that he does that is there is actually a physical energetic effect of being blessed on top of the head. It is said to be a healing or a purification of your own body.

The purpose of the Heart Shrine Relic Tour is to bring people into their heart. So by coming into contact with the relics, we are inspired to feel the quality of lovingkindness. Even people who aren't Buddhists, they cry or they have moving experiences or they have a vision. Regardless of any labels of "Buddhism" or "Buddha," people are responding all over.

well, that is interesting right?
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