black magic practise in western countries?????

i have find this very interesting articles in the news. Human skulls are being import to western countries!!!!! Usually, in Asia like Cambodia or Thailand, these skull are being search by person (master) to do magic. Well, look like (personal view) there are some master who practise in western countries too....

below i will show some photo of skull used by master in Thailand...

The Customs and Excise Office at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport said Thursday it had confiscated three human skulls smuggled through delivery packages from Denpasar to the United Kingdom."The skulls were sent by three different people identified as KP, YP and TK to the same receiver identified as MS in the UK," Eko Darmanto, chief of intelligence at the Customs Office saidEko said the skulls, reported as wood carving and wrapped in boxes, were sent through an express mail service on April 12, 17 and 22 respectively."The skulls are not archeological objects, but human skull delivery is banned and we will hand them to the police for further investigation," he said. -The Jakarta Post, ANN

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