Saturday, September 6, 2008

Common question ask on the amulets

It have been some time since I have been selling online.Today I will share common question ask by people. Enjoy!

Question: why are you selling amulets and where you get from?

I have very deep interest in all these thai magic and amulets. I have interest since the age of 14.The 1st amulet I get is LP thuat. Until now, I have very deep respect to this very compassion master.I have been getting amulets from shops in singapore at that time...After getting so many amulets, In still feel unsatisfied. I still feel something is lacking.Then i decided to explore Thailand with the help of my thai friends at my work place.WOW!!!!! It is so different!!!! After talking to the master,i feel that actually I learn more and when they share on the process of making amulet and how to use the amulet correctly, I feel so happy.Finally, I know very well of the amulets what I am wearing!!!! Then I start to think, maybe I can take back some of these amulets to singapore to list in ebay and create a blog to share the knowledge with all the people around the world!!!This is how I slowly build my blog and my ebay store. Until now, I still have very deep interest in thai magic, every night, I have been surfing the net, writing down good information and show it out in my blog. Until now, I never stop get good knowledge and good amulets from good and reliable collector or disciple of the temple/monk.
Below is the useful link which I list in the past:

Question: There are a lot of fake amulets in the market, I am worry.

Until now, I am offering a full lifetime warranty to all the amulets I am selling. Anytime, any day,any year, you can contact me on the genuine of the amulets.If the amulets are fake or the temple or master do not admit this amulet is from them, i will give you full refund + shipping. I know a lot of people are scared because in eBay, there is a reputation that a lot of seller are selling fake amulets and a lot of dealer are giving negative comment on other dealer.I feel very sad, because we are dealing with holy item, yet they are doing such a negative action.To me, i am not worry at all...As long as i am selling genuine amulets, I need no worry.If a buyer have no faith in my amulet, then I will treat it as him/her no fate with me. I will not pursue them to get from me. I heard of a story, from the thai about this pure practise master. To protect further misunderstanding, I will not disclose the name of the master.This master practise very well in compassion, and help a lot of people. Soon,he become very famous..As a result, he bring jealous from other people.So those people who are jealous of him try to harm him..They hired girls wearing sexy attire to visit him many times and try to spread rumour that this master is having affair with the girl.As a result, this master is being kick out from the temple, shun by the village people and disrobe.This master did not complain a single word, he continue to wear white everyday, practise his precept and continue his practise.Soon, those people who try to harm him, strange thing happen to by one die by accident or die of strange illness....I always keep this story by my heart to remind myself the law of karma.

Question: You mention you get some amulets from collector/disciple of the temple/monk , why you did not get from temple personally?

Well, if the temple produce 99 piece of that amulets, and it is being blessed many years ago.Do you think you can still get it? sometime, the 99 piece can be on the hand of the disciple of the monk or being buy out by collectors!!!
I am more worry the genuine of the amulets than anyone because I do not want to waste my money and time.
So, if the collector/disciple of the temple/monk unable to provide strong evidence to prove the genuine of the amulets, i will not get from them and leave.

Question: Can you read thai?

No, I cannot. The information Which i provide is from web, books(translate from friends in thai) and lastly, monks.

Question: Can i ask you on other amulets I buy from other people?

Sorry, I do not comment on other dealer amulets. The reason is very simple, in Thailand, there is over 1000 temple, over a few thousand monks, if i tell you i know all the amulet, I am lieing to you!!! So I do not comment on other dealer amulets. And if the dealer sell genuine amulet and I say wrongly and give you the wrong information, i will suffer from very bad karma from negative speech.
My focus: Get good amulets, promote good amulets.

Hopefully my blog has provide the readers helpful information and has benfit their life. I will try to provide good information in my blog.
I will not place any copy right in my blog. If there is anyone wish to extract any information, please feel free to do so. My information is meant to share with everyone.

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