Sunday, August 8, 2010

Question and Answer

I am going to share some common question ask by some of the buyers about thai amulet.

Q: If i put the amulet in front the speaker and play the music of the chant, will the amulet\charm power increase?
A: According to the reply of some master, they claim it do not has any effect on the amulet.

Q: Can I kiss while wearing the thailand amulets? And why you say yes? I thought it show disrespect?

A: Cheek kissing is a or social gesture to indicate friendship, perform a greeting to confer congratulations, to comfort someone, or to show respect. It does not necessarily indicate sexual or romantic interest. And it happen very commonly in Europe. So are you trying to say people has to remove their amulet each time they kiss? In Europe, to cheek kiss can be up to 10 times per day. So I think the people in Europe will be busy taking off and put on their thai amulets\charms. But if your kiss is sexually, that lead to sexually activities, then advise to remoeve because I worry you has no time or forget to remove after the kiss.

Q: where can I place my amulet when I am not wearing?

A: somewhere high and in respectable place. Respectable place mean not in bathroom or under the sofa or under the bed where you and your partner perform sex activities.

Q: Can I wear 2 or 4 amulet at a time?
A: So far, all my amulets which I get from the masters has no restrictions on it. Maybe your seller or your master has. There is no right or wrong. In USA, it is normal to own a gun. In singapore, own a gun will lead to dealth penalty. So is owning a gun right or wrong? If you has your own master and a seller who sell you his/her amulet and they has their own restriction, pls do not come and ask me why they has these restrictions.

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