Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another happy person

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my last review was on how kp let me earn 350sgd!! but there is no free things in this whole world. the relationship between me and my girlfriend ended suddenly for no reason, and now we know that japan has quake and tsunami at the same time. although she stays in tokyo, not in the major affected areas, but there is a shortage of supply for food products. i message her last night asking how she is and ask her to tell me if she need anything. this is her exact reply "almost all the supermarket has no food. I'm eating rice only. I miss drinking milk." i see this message i whole heart almost died. cigarette after cigarette, smoke and smoke. then i decided to buy milk and many other things for her.

these are the items i bought
1. full cream milk x12
2. milo instant x5
3. oats instant x5
4. fruit bar x8 boxes
5. glucose powder x3
6. random snacks x a few
total price for these items is 150sgd!!

somehow i feel that yp gave me money to help her. i earned 350sgd, minus off 150 for things i buy, left 200sgd for shipping. maybe 200sgd not enough for shipping cos a lot of things, but this amount helped to lessen my burden. the reason why i bought so much things is because, her neighbors or friends or relatives might not have anything to eat, so she can also help out. who knows, this might help repair my relationship with this girl.

thanks bro for introducing this kp to me. it really help me a lot. you also taught me to use such money to do more good deeds, as this will help us further.

i will remember your teachings on doing good deeds, and improve my life. thank you my friend, my buddy, my brother!! you the man!!


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