Monday, March 21, 2011

Many woman and Many wealth batch

Kuan pean at the age of fifteen was ordained as a novice at Wat Som Yai. Abbot Bun, taught him to read and write, the big treatise about the important sacred formulas. everything—invulnerability, robbery, raising zombies (hong phrai, ghosts resulting from a violent death.) something for every occasion.

After mastering all the required skill Khun Keoe took leave and went to Suphanburi; to Wat Palelai to learn from M Mahachat, Dhamma, absorbed the big treatises on the art of war, the sun and moon, auspicious times of day, immortality, invulnerability, invisibility, and illusions used in fighting, love magic for captivating a woman’s heart without any chance of escape and everything about sacred mantra and formulas.

This batch is for buyer who want very strong attraction of woman and money.

A very powerful amulet for buyer who love night life, wants opp sex attaction from girls.

in addition, I has buyer who told me that his female boss buy him lunch after using this attraction charm.

Behind has a wealth money bag, to help to fill in the buyer wealth luck.

Good for buyer who feel their wealth are low, no enough money to spend.

This charm will help to raise their wealth level, make them happy.

Inside contain:

Powder from MaSepNangHerb (A male horse having sex with a female horse), powder from "NangOkTaekHerb (Broken-hearted woman powder), powder from "ThepRanchuanHerb"(Charming Angel powder), magic powder from "Chang Pasomklong Herb (Elephant Herb)

Finally the behind of the amulet is then blessed with ancient incantations, such as the 'maseng nang", a special hourse spell, and insert with opp sex sucking metal which find in cave,both of which are known to enhance personal charm. In addition to the amulet we will provide the Katha (in Thai) which master has said should be chanted to activate the magical properties. This spell can be used to charm the ladies and people, for making sacred perfume powder, aromatic oil, clothes to charm a lady, bring about good luck and for commercial purposes.


- Pray to this god if you want to capture a person heart

- More wealth will come in after use this charm.

- Keep having opp sex attention.

- Wear this thai amulet to give you courage and confidence to do thing which you no confidence to do.

- Use this thai amulet to let you win in fighting every obstacles in life

- Pray to this charm to raise your wealth level, money and wealth keep coming in.

- Enhanced your life by attract people, make them like you and charm by you.

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