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1 of the most famous god ever worship, Kuan Pean

Khun Paen At the age of fifteen was ordained as a novice at Wat Som Yai. Abbot Bun, taught him to read and write, the big treatise about the important sacred formulas. everything—invulnerability, robbery, raising zombies (hong phrai, ghosts resulting from a violent death.) something for every occasion.

After mastering all the required skill Khun Keoe took leave and went to Suphanburi; to Wat Palelai to learn from M Mahachat, Dhamma, absorbed the big treatises on the art of war, the sun and moon, auspicious times of day, immortality, invulnerability, invisibility, and illusions used in fighting, love magic for captivating a woman’s heart without any chance of escape and everything about sacred mantra and formulas.

Khun Paen grew up in Kanchanaburi Province, which would later become famous as being home to the “Bridge on the River Kwai”. Khun Paen was also a disciple of Arjarn Kong( Suphanburi ), a monk who was an expert in magical studies. The martial prowess of Paen, a monk-turned-soldier, brought him to the attention of king Phra Ramathibodi II who promoted him to the rank of Khun (general). Khun Paen is immortalized in an epic poem. It is said that he used his knowledge of “saiyasat” (magic) and yantras (magic diagrams) to perform amazing feats. Some of these include making himself impenetrable by weapons and invisible to his enemies, changing the open field his enemies were marching across into a labyrinth, and transforming the leaves on the trees into wasps to attack and sting his enemies. Khun Paen and his men practiced “powwana” (meditation) before each battle in order to focus their minds and center themselves. The sword weilded by Khun Paen, called the ‘Daab Fa Fuen’, was a consecrated blade of
Namphi steel which currently resides in the National Museum in Bangkok.

This powerful thai amulet is blessed using holy material, nam nam phi iron powder.

According to Thai old mantra book, Nam Phi is the top most powerful magic metal which naturally has enormous supernatural magic power by itself.
The power will not decrease even forever, in any circumstance. It has mysterious sacred power and has gods protecting it, staying inside in every molecule, also can repel all kinds of black magic and evils. In the war, if enemies have the metrology to protect themselves against being wounded by guns or swords, however, they will not be able to resist the power of Nam Phi iron anyway. Whoever has Nam Phi iron with him, he would be protected from all kinds of evils. Moreover, his charm attractiveness would be enhanced and his dignity would be empowered making everyone feel respectful towards him. For long time ago, it was well known that Nam Phi iron is the same kind as Lek Lai iron which naturally has enormous power by itself but Nam Phi iron can be more touchable and can be found from existing known source. To mix Nam Phi iron into the material for making amulets would enhance more power to the amulets.

Behind contain the holy mantra for capture a person heart.


- Pray to this god if you want to capture a person heart

- Use this charm as protection to fight against evils

- Wear this thai amulet to give you courage and confidence to do thing which you no confidence to do.

- Use this thai amulet to let you win in fighting every obstacles in life

- Pray to this charm to bring you wealth and good luck

- Enhanced your life by attract people, make them like you and charm by you.

Is this charm powerful?

Go to the link below for more information below and you will know:

The whole grand "open eye" blessing ceremony of this 1 of the most famous god ever worship, Kuan Pean is done last year at the home town of supanburi( home town of this famous god, Kuanpean).

Total there total of 79 monks and masters at the ceremony.
The ceremony include into a few parts:
Part 1) Chant holy mantra by holy monks to invite gods to witness this ceremony.Monks all over thailand are being invited to bless this famous god thai amulet.Below are the few famous holy monks present at the ceremony:LP kwan wat la bwa homLP thongsu Wat ult yaLp phom Wat buan hor jam sanKubra moonkoon Wat Bang kon
Part 2) White Robe masters and tiger skin white robe master-Lersi are invited to input energy into the charm:Below are the few famous tiger skin white robe master:

Lersi Noi,

Lersi munitap,

Lersi Thongdum Aj DaychiaPart

Energy input into the charm:

Attraction energy so that the amulet will has attraction of people and enable success in life.

protection energy so that the wearer can fight against danger and evil.

Confidence energy so that the wearer can fight against obstacles in life.


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