Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Give you unexpected wealth

The story go like this:

Last time many years, there is a honest farmer, no matter how hard he work, he never has enough money. In addition, he has a sick mother to take care. Then a deva(god) pity him. The deva descend from heaven down to earth to help him. When the deva landed, the deva take the form in a animal with 4 ear and 5 eye features. After the deva landed, the deva eat up all the vegetables in the farm.When the farmer saw this, he is very angry and shock. Shock to see such a creature, angry to see that all this vegetables are gone!!!! He is so angry that he tie the deva up . After that, he went to get food for his sick mother. Then out of compassion, he give some food to the it and burn charcoal to stay warm. After that, he doze off. When he wake up, he get a shock in his life!!! The deva is eating the burning hot charcoal!!! After a while, some drop on the floor and to his surprise, the deva dropping is gold!!! Then from that day onward, the man become rich and after which, there is a temple in changmai specially to worship this god as they believe he can bring big unexpected wealth.

Chanted with 9 holy places

make from 9 places wealth fetching soil

chant with 9 grand wealth fetching ceremony

Has being prays by many thais for many years and has help many thais to sail through rough period by granting them unexpected wealth.

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