Friday, November 25, 2011

Another happy person (Cat and rat thai amulet)

Bro its crazy man i was walking to the station to take the train to work from rotterdam to den haag where i work,i would start at 4,gues what i took the wrong train and that train took me direct to amsterdam airport,lucky for me the train back to den haag had a 20 minute delay so i jumped in and arrived at work at 15,55 on time thats because of the bullet takrut or fire takrut,if the train was not 20 minute delay i would not arive at time for work and maybe fired,second i met a girl in a shopping mall and we changed numbers,and she called and gues what she got horny on the phone and she started verry sex talk and came 2 times you no what i mean,its crazy i have dinner with her thursday or friday in amsterdam because thats the city she lives and thats the city i arrived after catching the wrong train a crazy link maybe of the cat loves rat takrut 


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