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One of the two greatest and most well blessed in Thailand's amulet creation history is 
25 Buddha Sattawas Leela amulets made in B.E.2500 in the memory of 2500 years 
of Buddhism for rasing fund to Build the Buddha Monthon. The amulets were
created on that auspicious occasion by the support and sponsor of the governent.
Due to their important nature, The production process and consecration ceremony were conducted 
at Wat Suthat, an important temple in Thailand..  All primary materials for making amulets were blessing continually three days, starting from February 9-11, B.E.2500 by 108 Great masters..

After the amulets finished, they were blessed continually for another three more days from May 2-5, B.E.2500. Here is the list of some of 108 Great Gurus who conducted the great blessing, many of them are the Gurus who had blessed the Buddha Chinnaraj Indochine 2485:

1. LP Nak, Wat Rakang
2. LP Chong, Wat NaTangNok
3. LP Ngern, Wat Don YaiHom
4. LP Tae KongThong, Wat SamGnam
5. LP Plian, Wat Tai
6. LP Chaeng, Wat Bangpang
7. LP Lee, Wat Asokaram
8. LP Klaai, Wat SuanKhan
9. LP Tzai, Wat Sadej
10. LP Hiang, Wat PaaAranYikawas
11. LP Pae, Wat PikulThong
12. LP Roong, Wat ThaKrabue
13. LP Hom, Wat ChakMAK
14. LP Aant, Wat PhraYatiKaram
15. LP Lek, Wat BangNomkho
16. LP ThongSook, Wat TanodLuang
17. LP Nai, Wat BanChaeng
18. LP Thian, Wat Bosth
19. LP Sie, Wat Sakae
20. LP Thop, Wat ChonDaen
21. LP Toh, Wat Pradoo ChimPlee
22. LP  Chan, Wat Klong Ranong
23. LP Nor, Wat KlangTharua
24. LP PhraKru ArkomSunthorn(Maa)
25. Phra Achran Saa, WatrajNadda
26. Phra Kru VinaiThorn(Fuang) Wat Sam Phanthawongse
27. LP Pak, Wat Bung ThongLang
28. Chao Khun Chia, Wat Phrachetuphon
29. Phra IndraSmacharn, Wat Indraviharn
30. Chao Khun Phol, Wat Nang
31. LP Puak, Wat Moli
32. LP Thaen, Wat Dhammasaen
33. LP Butra, Wat Mai BangPlakod
34. LP Thira Wat Pah Lelai
35. LP Hom, Wat ChakMak
36. LP Sie, Wat Sakae

Good for great fortune, give wealth, give calmness, give happiness.

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