Monday, November 7, 2011

Question on fire tiger amulet thai amulet

Qn: hey nayan,
something to ask u about... since now is rabbit year and last year is tiger year~i saw lots of testimonials in your blog about the fire tiger amulet ,and all of them says is good and have positive feedback , but the problem is all of them was ay last year...
so beacause of last year is tiger year, maybe the fire tiger amulet will stronger
but now its already rabbit year, will the power of fire tiger amulet will weaker or not stronger like last year??

Answer: There is no link of fire tiger amulet  with any astrology. This fire tiger amulet is being practise by master more than 10 years in Thailand and more than a few decades by master cum masters! There is no limit to any person like which person born with which animal sign cant use or person born in tiger use will be the best! This fire tiger thai amulet work well on anyone. I has never ask any seller which year they are born or which animal they are born in order to introduce them this fire tiger amulet. So far, from the feedbacks of the buyers, it shows that it works on any person regardless on their astrology.

You can read more on the energy charging into the fire tiger amulet charm in the link below:

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