Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Happy person (never be alone)

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This is a feedback for the "never be alone" amulet.

One word - tokong. So tokong until you also scared.

Yesterday I was at Mentor's house for office gathering. When I reach, we sat down to makan with cakes and everything which he make himself. He saw me eating so nice and ask me if I like fruit cakes. I said I do. Next thing, he took out a 2010 fruit cake which he made and cut for me! Seriously what the fuck, first time I hear fruit cake also got vintage. He said he add brandy in every few weeks so that the taste is better. Can you imagine adding brandy in for 2 years! The taste is so fucking good that I ate so much. He even pack one box for me to tapo home to eat. As I am writing this, I am eating fruit cake with kopi, it is so yummy!! My other colleagues say I am damn lucky cos when others ask to eat, he never take out. They don't know I got use "never be alone". Really never be alone, even fruit cakes also want to come near me.

After that, we went to restaurant makan. So many places, he ask me to sit beside him! And not only that, he kept putting food on my plate for me to eat, like feeding me non-stop! 57 year old man feeding a 26 year old boy! For your info, he never put anything on other people's plate at all, only mine! Ended up, I almost died of overbloating, too much food in the stomach! Even the other girls colleage also gave me strange look like why Mentor is treating me so well. Hahaha.

After dinner, we all went back to his house to gamble. We started with blackjack. Got one game, he saw that I burst, then he purposely take 5 cards and ended up burst, so I didn't have to pay. People ask to see his cards, he didn't show but start shuffling all the cards. I have a feeling he could have won but he gave chance. Funny thing is, when others burst, he'll earn their money, but for me, never. Till now I am still thinking if it is pure coincidence. But I choose to believe that it's because of "never be alone"!!

Finally we play mahjong. Those girls see that me and him so close so two of us pair up! I tell you bro, he said that if win, I take money, if lose he pay! Serious shit man, we are playing $250 stake! I was losing quite a bit but lucky he came to rescue me many times and in the end, we break even! So no win no lose! Super heng ah... But walan, when I play, he sit beside me until I also scared la.

Done for the day at Mentor's house, and guess what he sent me home! He sent another home too but my house is nearer and he sent the girl home first. After that he take longer road to send me home. Seriously, I was panicking already. He's not married and he looks gayish! I was so scared that he'll makan my backside. My heart really pumping non stop bro! We were chatting in the car, he telling me how to be a good lawyer, point out my flaws and how I can improve on it. He's a good Mentor to me, at least he's willing to teach. But according to my colleagues, he not so friendly with other guys. So I am guessing it's because my metta is too good!!!

This "never be alone" is very tokong! Any other amulets, you don't see effects as fast as this amulet. This "never be alone" is real quick and almost instant result. Even not instant, give it a day or two and you will fall in love with this amulet. Best part, can keep in pocket and nobody will notice. I swear on it!

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