Saturday, January 14, 2012

The lovers thai amulet

This lover charm is make by a master who use a formula pass down by a master who has more than 50 over wife.
He told me that he has use many herbs and very powerful attraction herbs to make this powerful attraction charm.
Below are some of the few:

A special herbs that smell very good, within 5km can attract all kind of insects. even hard chasing away, the insects wont bear to leave that herbs. -master say, add this herbs in, the wear will attract many lovers who will not bear to leave them.

Coconut 1 eye, coconut no eye.- Enhance the power. 

Wahn kuanpean sokopa- master say this herbs help to control people

Banana tree- Master say banana tress has spirits. use to make the charm effective.

Soil from 7 cemetery

Coffin Nail- to make the spirit listen to you.

Bones and ashes from babies, woman ashes.
look at the picture carefully. Double click for better view
All these are bones are ashes in the amulet.
The whole chanting and ritual involve:

1) Attraction  charm
2) people keep like you charm
3) People listen to you and wont argue with you charm ( charming effect)
4) Miss you charm ( make people keep think of you).

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