Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Happy Person

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Dear Nayan, 

Here's a feedback of Khun Paen (KP) and Somdej. 

Early last year I bought 2 super heavy duty amulet from you. First is the fighter Khun Paen and second is the all rounder Somdej. But I've been using Somdej most of the time. Somdej by itself can't see much effect in the short run, but in the long run, it really aids the person's luck and improve things. Anyway, this is not the main topic of this feedback. Today's feedback is on the combination powers of KP and Somdej. 

Two incidents happened. 

1. At mum's shop

As you know, my mum's shop will be transferring out to my cousin, who will be taking over the shop. As such, we have to clear all the things in the shop. On one fateful weekend, while we were there cleaning and moving, I felt someone push me in the shop but I cannot see anyone walk past me. I can actually feel the "person's" clothes against my skin. Super scary. The funny part is that, that day I was wearing the Somdej and I still got harassed by those things. I told you about it and you suggested wearing the KP and Somdej together. The moment I wore those amulets, I can feel my forehead became brighter and can feel the energy running around the body. Ever since then, no more drama at the shop. 

2. At office

I have started work as a trainee lawyer now. First day of work, I went to work with a Somdej. Office super political, and my boss isn't teaching my anything. But I was lucky to meet the consultant, who was willing to educate me. Of course, he needs to like me in order to be keen to educate me. But I feel that I am not performing to his expectations, and furthermore, this consultant is very nasty to me. First day whack me on the head when I didn't know this particular lawyer is a senior counsel of Singapore. I went home that day thinking how to counter him back. So I decided to wear the KP and Somdej combination again.

Next day, went to office, he gave me work to do, and I was able to understand things so quickly and was able to get researches done. Somehow I was able to find all the right stuffs within a short period of time. Guess what, when the consultant left at 3pm, he even told me I can use his office to do my work! And the even more fucked up part is that, he said I can use his coat and tie if I am following any of the lawyers to court! I tell you, I totally blur. Day one, someone was so nasty to me, and then day two, this person let me wear his coat and even let me use his office! What the fuck is this?!?!

I often illustrate the KP and Somdej combination as wu zixu and sunwuzi in the art of war. Sun wuzi was the one who created the renowned sun zi bin fa, the art of war. Wu zixu was the general. Together Sun and Wu won almost every battles! Sun will come out with all the methods of fighting the war while Wu will follow Sun's instructions to fight the war. Same thing here. KP is the general in charge of fighting the war, and Somdej advises on how the war can be nicely fought. I've been using this combination for 2 weeks now, and I would say it is very effective.

In conclusion, the KP and Somdej is a very effective combination, one that will help the wearer give others the impression that you are capable of getting things done, and brings you lots of respect. 

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