Sunday, March 18, 2012

Holy cave Phra Somdej

This Phra somdej thai amulet is bless by a forest mediation master who get the material from a very high power thousand years cave.
He told me that inside this cave, there are many many masters and people who came here to mediate to receive the high energy power from the cave. Some, even attaining to some mediation level, they decided to stay in the cave forever and even die inside the cave. Thus, some of the rocks or stone are form by the water drops in the cave or some even are bones or ashes of these practitioners.
The master told me that the every part of that holy stones itself contain very high energy and even without any blessing, it itself radiate high power. He say, by using it to make into amulet, no doubt, the amulet will be powerful! 

This phra somdej, perhaps is the most 1 of the high power amulet in the world, and the single most important amulet you must wear!

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