Thursday, March 29, 2012

Phra nang Kwak

Mae Nang Kwak is represented as a beautiful woman wearing a red dress (not always, but more often than other colors) fashioned in the Thai and sometimes Laotian traditional style. She also wears a golden crown on her head and is in the sitting or kneeling position. Her right hand is raised in the Thai way of beckoning a customer, with the palm of the hand pointing downwards. Her left hand is resting on her side or holds a bag full of gold on her lap.

The position of her hand in present-day iconography is quite likely borrowed from the Japanese Maneki Neko beckoning cat.

Mae Nang Kwak is a benevolent spirit. She is deemed to bring luck, especially in the form of money, to the household.She is the patron Deity of all Merchants and Salesmen and can be seen in almost every business establishment in Thailand[3]

Thai people also wear amulets with her figure around the neck, which is a logical development, due to the fact that many people in Thailand must travel around to sell their wares, which makes a portable nang Kwak thai amulet the obvious choice for such a person.

For wealth
For business
For good luck
For bring in wealth

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