Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Happy person

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Dear Nayan,

Here's my feedback for the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant.

I have a feeling that it is a very strong item when you said that this item cannot be placed under the waist and you recommended shirt pocket if I go out at night.

It's purpose as highlighted by you is to prevent dirty things from entering our body and corrupting our luck. I did not use it on a regular basis but simply put it over my head for a few minutes whenever I feel that my luck is down or that something is bugging me.

I finally saw the full effect of the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant after coming home from mustafa. I remember that was Saturday night as the Ferrari crash incident happened on a Friday night, which is the night before. On my way back home, it was raining very heavily and the roads were wet. Whilst I was traveling on the PIE expressway towards Changi Airport, I saw some ghostly figures in the middle of the expressway. I thought I might be seeing things so I simply ignore. But as I was continuing my drive home, I felt very frustrated and very tired at the same time. Not only that, my leg hairs were standing upright non stop. All these signs were evident that I was not imagining things and that I really did saw the ghostly figures.

The moment I got home, I took out the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant and held it in my hand. My body hairs stood up furiously at the same time and it refuses to go down. I kept holding the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant for about 15-20 mins and by then my hairs have all gone down. The funny thing however, my eyes were closing and I feel so tired as though the "things" that were possessing me previously have left my body.

Over the next few days, I still felt very giddy and weak and my luck was super bad. As such, I had to use LP Up's Phra Kring to cleanse my body and improve my luck. After a week, things were back to normal.

The Phra Wet Suwan Patyant is like a panadol, whenever we have a headache we will take panadol just to kill off the pain. It is powerful, quick and gets the job done. But panadol itself does not improve our body condition after the pain is gone. In the process of killing off the pain, our immune system gets affected. This is similar to our luck getting affected. Therefore with our immune system at the low, we need to take vitamins to improve our immune system. This is where Phra Kring comes in. Phra Kring per se is the medicine buddha and has the energy and power to shield us from undesirable and inevitable attacks.

No doubt the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant is an excellent piece of patyant and you can just hide it in the shirt pocket without anyone noticing it. However, I would also recommend luck improvement amulets to maximize the effectiveness of the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant.

Like they always say, two is better than one.

Good luck


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