Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leklai Phra somdej thai amulet

It is said that the person who cuts the Lek Lai must not only learn the Wicha, but also have gathered enough Merit to be able to approach and cut the Kaya Siddhi. Whoever is lucky enough to receive the protection of Lek Lai, will be impossible to harm or kill with bullets, knives or other sharp instruments, and even explosions.
According to the Thai dictionary of the Royal Institute, lek-lai is a type of metal said to melt at candle temperature. It is also regarded as a rare magical metal that forms naturally and possesses biological properties.
Gunpowder or other such explosive materials can not come close to a piece of Lek Lai and are repelled by its Adamantine Nature. In addition, Lek Lai protects from poisonous animals such as Mambas, Cobras and the like.

People believe that this Lek Lai is amazing experiences for protection from accident, enemies and evil, also to induce good luck and fortune.


Intensive luck booasting
grant wealth
good for block bad luck
block people in working place to harm you
protection against danger, black magic and spirit


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