Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Happy person (never be alone)

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the pulling force of never be alone


Here's a quick feedback for the never be alone special edition by Kruba Pakyun.

As you have been aware, due to my late applications for job last year, I ended up having to do my legal training at a small law firm. As an aspiring lawyer starting out on his legal career, I would very much like to be part of the successes of big law firms.

I am currently doing my bar course and apart from the hectic readings to be completed, we are scheduled to attend tea sessions organized by different law firms. I happened to be assigned to the biggest law firm in Singapore.

I brought my never be alone special edition for the tea session and I can feel that I was very "ong". It's hard to describe but I can just feel it. T

he Managing Director of the firm and Partners from the various departments gave talks on how the legal industry would evolve to become and how their firm can maintain its position as the top in Singapore.

I was thinking in my mind, since the Managing Director of the firm is here, maybe I can talk to him about my desire to join this big firm and perhaps he can help me out. After the talks ended, the Managing Director and his partners went to different tables to have closer conversation with us. There were like 10 separate tables and the Managing Director sat at my table beside me. I was dumbfounded and at the same time I know I need to take this opportunity to ask him if he can assist with my application for new job.

Halfway into the conversation when he was asking us on whether we have all secured jobs which of course everyone said yes, I asked him if there were vacancies at his firm. I expressed my desire to join big firms to have a better outlook into my legal career. Unfortunately, he suggested that I should only change jobs after I am admitted as a lawyer. His reasoning behind this was, if I send an application right now, he would be basing my employment on my grades which might be unfair to me if my grades are not good but I am a competent worker. Hence, if I apply when I am admitted as a lawyer, then he can base my employment on the experience I have accumulated. Among this, he gave me many other pointers which I find it very enriching.

This is not the first time where I experienced such pulling forces from Kruba Pakyun's never be alone special edition. It can somehow listen to your mind and if it knows that you want to talk to a specific person, never be alone will arrange it and that person will start talking to you in a very friendly manner.

I strongly recommend this never be alone special edition (the normal edition of never be alone is also very good) to anyone who wants to be respected when talking to others and have the adequate metta to turn a conversation into a possible business deal.

Good luck and thanks for introducing this special edition never be alone to me.  



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