Thursday, August 30, 2012

The mystery powerful monk

His full name was Lp Suang Oi Tiansul, the words Oi Tiansul loosely translated from the original Khmer language meant “to give and be happy” a name that he truly deserved as he had dedicated his life to this very purpose.
It was said that he had never refused to help anyone who had asked.  He did not discriminate in any way, his hand was extended to those that needed him, the rich, the poor, it made no difference.
His simple existence and unwavering dedication to helping others was sufficient proof to many that he had obtained the highest possible level of Lord Buddha’s Dharma, and as such was regarded as and an “Arahant”. or “Pra Arahantra”.

Those that had given alms to this great monk considered their lives eternally blessed. 

Those that knew him had said that he would mysteriously disappear and reappear often for months on end, his exact whereabouts, totally unknown. Even those seriously devoted to this monk who had attempted to follow him would loose contact as he would disappear under the most inexplicable circumstances.
Often he was offered gifts by those that would visit, all thrown into a fire that burnt in front of his house, including any money. A clear message demonstrating that material possessions were of no importance in this life.
Living such an existence it should be of no surprise that his life and background were and still remain a total mystery.
It is this intrigue, along with the many accounts of amazing luck and fortune that have increased interest in his amulets.
Despite his simple existence in an area infected with deadly insects, disease, wild animals, he appeared to live without problems and by choice, gaining him yet another of his many nicknames,  ‘Tevada Dern Din”, or “Angel that walks the earth”.

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