Saturday, August 11, 2012

Save the trouble charm

There are some people who need wealth, attraction and protection.
So the question is that do they need to wear more than 1 or many amulets on their body?
Like the picture below.

Well, there is nothing wrong with that and that is 100% ok.
But some people do not like it and some female devotes might not feel comfortable with this.

How about there is a charm that has all these features:

Bring wealth
Attract the people to like you
Give you protection.

Yes, the thai amulet above contain the above all 3 functions!
And most important, it is small and powerful.
You can place it in handbag, bag or jeans pocket!
Inside contain 3 metal scroll and each of them, all hand written by master.

metal scroll 1) bring wealth to you as wealth charm.

metal scroll 2) bring people to like you as attraction charm.

metal scroll 3) bring protection so that you will be safe and free from harm as protection amulet. 

the skilllful powerful master who bless this powerful and essential thai amulet is kubra noi.


Kubra noi thai amulet for many many times, has proven his miracle and power not only to save lifes but has improve many devotes lifes!

Thus, this amulet save the trouble or headache to has multiple amulet on your body.
Just 1 amulet you has on you, you got what you want and what you needs!
This "save the trouble charm" will be the most essential amulet that everyone needs!


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