Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another happy person

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Hi Nayan. I wouldl like to thank you for the Pra Kring Upakut which I
rent from u. Since I start having your amulets my financial situation
improved . Before that I have a difficult financial situation. I
thought of selling of my car or borrow from "Along" The first week of
wearing your
amulet don't see any changes. On the 2nd week a fren called me. We
have lost contact for many years. He is now a big boss in a trading
I told him about my financial situation and he felt pity for me. So he
give me some paper works of his company to do as part time which I do
it after
 office hours. Every 2 weeks he will pay me. I was surprised that the
amount he pay me is 3 times my present salary.Now I can slowly clear
my debts.
Happy. Thanks bro Nayan for your amulet.

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