Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Question and Answer ( love charm)

Question and Answer

1) What is the different between cat and rat, tired of love and never be alone?

Tired Of Love charm  is more serious love or human relationship, mainly3 parts:

Attract soul mates, Mutual Affirmation
Attract people to help you in life
Protect your love or relationship to make your lover faithful. its more like a Till Death Do Us Part charm, Rekindling and Maintaining Interest in a positive loving relationship.

Never Be Alone thai amulet is more to a  Sex Appeal, attract more people to like you. More to serious and non serious relationship, thats why some buyers experience more 1 night stand relationship when using it, some buyers give it a nickname: Naughty Sex Amulet for people Seeking people.

Cat and Rat thai amulet is more for improve Communication with all people, Improved Connection with your loved one, Acceptance of you by any people. More to bring hope for devotes who wish to make people accept their view in their way. Its Creative mutual problem solving.

2)  Q: Tired Of Love charm need to give my lover wear to make them stay faithful?

Reply:  no, it is a charm that you need to use ON them.
They must not know at all.

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