Friday, February 22, 2013

Another happy person (Damn! I don't Want at your Mercy!)

bro i wanna feedback on the latest takrut... really good , got results within 2 days. It happened like this,   i was reaching home at the basement level of where i live and wanted to buy a drink from those vending machines. But those machines cock up sometimes , and it ended up rejecting two of my $1 coins , i kept putting them back in till it got eaten up LOL.  i was like ' oh man, what is this shit???' . then i saw something at the place where the drinks drop was a $1 coin at the extreme side.  i used that $1 and slot it in the machine, my two $1 that got eaten up came out together with the coin i found plus the drink came out as well. lol not only did i get a free drink, i earned $1 .hahahaha,  ..  why the hell would a $1 be at the place where the drinks come out? i know i've been blessed by the takrut.hahaha.

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