Friday, February 8, 2013

Damn! I don't Want at your Mercy!

End 2011, when I visit the master, he told me to stay low profile as 2012 will be a year with many relationship issue, problems and scandal. True enough, now when I look back, in year 2012, there are a lot of sex scandal around the world, many couples broke up, relationship between couples broke off.
2013 this year, there will be more accidents, things will slow down. No going to say a lot here, as it might cause unnecessary worry. 

The master say, in In October 2005, due to the crushing movement of the planets, he predicted a  disaster, and true enough, there was the Pakistan earthquake.

Never underestimated the message god has given us!

I went to ask the master, since he can predict well through the star and planets movement, is there any way to get back our lives! 

It is so irritating when there are movements of the planet each time and we had to suffer due to that.

Every year, the same old damn thing, this year luck no good, or certain months, we face health issue etc...

Lucky there are powerful amulets to help us, if not, life is going to me damn miserable.

The master said: Snatch their energy and use the energies at your benefit!
He told me, he has blessed this items for a couple of years as he need to wait for the right time to wait for the planet or stars influence is good. There are total of 10 planets involve in this energy "borrowing" and these 10 planets greatly affect our life!

Now, with the 10 planets energy all tag in this power charm, we claim back our lives!


I like this particular master a lot as he always preach me not to bow to to fate. He always told me that our life and fate is control and determine by our decision and choice. Fate is in our hands!
His believe: Never bow down to fate! 
He always create amulets that give us a chance to has a control in our life!
He create the mighty black warrior charm and white demon so that we won't be able to be the mercy of more powerful people than us.
Justice can be done!

You can click on the link below to find out more about the thai amulet black warrior (no more stock):

Now, he create this  I don't Want at your Mercy charm.

Main purpose is to let us has a control of our own fate and reduce the negative impact of the astrology impact.

With this, life will be different here.

you will get lasting bonds; Your wife or husband going to love you more

love charm: Your dream will come true, your lover will become your dream lover.

Every aspect of love in your life more wonderful than ever imaginable. Whether it be romantic love, friendship love, family love.

Awesome healing; Excellent health condition and well being in sex health.

Dark wealth wish will come true faster, unexpected wealth flowing in more easily.

Take any bad energy  and transform it into energy that draw wealth and good thing to you.

wealth amulet: Money luck; attract all available avenues, wealth flow in multiple directions.

Bring Good Luck in all situations & in all aspects of life.

This I don't Want at your Mercy charm has a pulling and pushing mantra inside.
In order words, in particular months of the year, due to the movement of the planet, it will activate this pulling and pushing mantra which will pull a force from the universal and push away your bad energy back to the universal. 
This effect will cleanse up your luck and energy, and make you like a living magnet will keep attracting good "chi" or energy from the universal.
Its like a Chaos out, serenity in theory.

From Chaos in life to comfortable life.



Question and Answer:

Q:Who is the master?

 Answer: Buyer will be given the master information.

Q: What i has to do or what i has to take note for this item?

Answer: Only buyer will be given a details formula which contain what to do, what to take note, how to activate this item etc.

Q: This item seen incredible.

Answer: This item is almost near to impossible to complete as the master has a very narrow window time period to make this I don't Want at your Mercy charm.
He borrow the power of the universal to this charm. He went into deep mediation to seek permission with a few planets gods to make this charm and use a few places of high energy cave in to final seal the power in it.

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