Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Happy person (awesome results)

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Remember the Snake Penis charm?  I found that anything connected to animals attune to me when I was practicing vodoo or folk Magick, things that used animals as conduit.  In fact, I furthered my connection with it and had utter wisdom in its potential.  Yes, I used it to control, attract, bind and more.  To what you advertised, it was used to put idea to people's mind.  I could use it to bind and control spirits now aside from people.  Scary stuff, that's why I had gone on retreat for a whole month to do cleansing on myself.  I was in a holy land doing simple normal stuff to get the bad mojo off my aura.

During that time, 4 powerful Crossroad Spirits came to me.  These are categorized like those of the God Ganesha, but he is not there.  These are no divine gods, they are fierce, scary, incomprehensible and vast.  I thought they'd come for me cuz I really messed up in my practice, you know, like how bad powerful are punished if they'd gone too far in abusing their Magick.

No, they sort of know my conquest and would like to test my worth.  These are gods who doesn't judge, but would raise hell if I'm not strong enough for them.  I fast, I prayed, I faced fear, hardship, I studied and after New Year, I performed a Magick dedicated to them and I feel them in me.  I feel vast, full, everything.  Whatever I thought happens, my spells are potent, my will absolute.  Of course, like Magick, it fades after a while, and I'm back.

I used combinations of charms and spells.  I used the Fish to overflow opportunities, Black Warrior for Protection, Snake to control, Kumanthong to assist in pure Magick as I am tasked not to let a child be exposed to darkness, he needs to reincarnate fine.  I used the Phras to make sure that I will not be blinded by darkness.  What I'm saying is, it clicked.  I suddenly know how to use stuff.  Give me a bomb and I could make it explode like nuclear explosion.

Right now, all debts are gone, even the bank.  I thought that i will have to work on the debt for 3 more years but its gone!  My ma promised not to go to that witch.  She may still be poisoned but eventually, it will fade.  I am getting what I want, I am able to do what I want.  I am getting respect at my career, I know my place, I am at peace.  I only wished to attain balance and clarity, not to rest but to strive more else I will fall again.  I will use black and white but with purpose and respect.

Anyway, about this year, friendly advice.  Think of this year as sea, we are underwater.  Murky as we can't see afar, scary, divination will be useless as things will change without notice.  We will be pushed and pull by waves, by situations and circumstance.  We will not see stability as things will change constantly and it will be a sink or swim.

Like poop in water, we may see what we fear, but it may contain diamond.  Same with treasure and we may see rust.  Good and bad will go hand in hand.  Don't get me about planets as these are messy affairs.

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