Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another Happy Person 更多幸福的人 ( no money, no honey)

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hello, i wanna update you about your amulets... i just went to jb a few days ago, i spent almost all my money over there and when i reached back to sg i only had about 20sgd left and i took a cab home..while going home ,in my mind i was thinking 'wah die alr, i confirm wont have enough for the rest of the week to even eat' , then i thought about the cat but i didn't make any wish.. when i reached my destination it was about 18bucks , so i gave the uncle my twenty bucks. lol the interesting part is coming.. the cab uncle gave me back 37bucks but i didn't realize till i went inside of the lift cause i was too tired. i was damn shocked, really like wtf.. lol i got a free ride home and earned extra cash?!. I feel bad but theres nothing much i can do. At least i have enough to last for the week now. hahahaha.

你好,我想告訴你你的護身符......我剛剛去了JB的前幾天,我幾乎花了我所有的錢在那裡,當我到達我回SG只有約20SGD左,我坐出租車回家。回家時,在我的腦海裡,我一直在想,死了,我肯定不會有足夠的,其餘的一周,甚至吃',然後我想過貓,但我沒有讓祝..當我達到我的目的,它是關於18bucks的,所以我給叔叔,我二十塊錢。 LOL最有趣的部分是未來..駕駛室的叔叔給我回的37bucks,但我沒有意識到,直到我去裡面的電梯因為我太累了。我感到非常震驚,大聲笑,我得到了一個免費搭車回家,並獲得額外的現金?我覺得不好,但有沒有什麼我可以做的。至少我有足夠的持續一周。哈哈哈哈。

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