Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don’t waste my time kumanthong (sold out)

Don’t waste my time kumanthong  

I particular like this batch of kumanthong. The master who bless this batch of kumanthong told me that he want this batch of kumanthong to be effective. No rubbish inside. I ask him, what he mean be rubbish?
He say: after all confusing ritual or prayers or offering, no results!
No more all these, he is going to gather all the old school methods to make this batch of kumanthong thai amulet and make them powerful!

Below is the information: 

Characteristic: Quiet, business type. In other words, no bull shift business, straight down to work.
Some of the golden child need to buy toys, need intensive offering, need all kind of funny actions to get them to work. This 1 no need. Very business type and can be quite quiet. 

Power level: suitable for beginner, intermediate, advanced devotees. Suitable for busy and (straight to the point) devotes, as some devotes has no time to maintain or no time for them.


Questions and answer:
Q: I thought we need to spend time talk to them, make offering to them?
A: Human beings also there are many types. Same for them. Some only work and no other MONKEY BUSINESS. Some like a lot of attention from their owner but when come to work, very slow, lazy and sluggish.
Q: Will they come out and play with us or disturb us or bug us when we did not do the offering?
A: As mentioned above, this golden child kumanthong is low maintenance. His characters is loyal to his owner, bold (willingly to take up challenging task), business like (quiet, pick up your wish and carry out his mission). Most importantly, he can easy adapt to any environment and will not have any conflict with any other golden child you has or will not dislike or disturb your family members.

Your future life:

What your future life is going to be like, with this golden boy around?

1)   Wealth increase. He is good at bring other types wealth to you and not only money, like gold, good at helping you at stocks market, win in lucky draw etc. He is great at that.

財富的增加。他是在給你帶來其他類型的財富,而不止是錢, 也可以帶來金子一樣財富,幫助你在股票的市場,贏在幸運大抽獎等,這一點,他很

2)  Fetch charm: increase your personal charm like perfume so that even miles away people will be more than willingly to help you in your life to success.


Note: I feel is a important point, if the personal charming of us is poor, any people near us will treat us like dog shit, not to mention people far away to help us. I am super happy every time to hear feedback from buyers that they charm increase after using my amulet because I know, whether difficulty they face again, there will be always people there to help them again and not treat them like a piece if dirt anymore.

3)  Keep Bullies under your thumb:  You now have the power to stop bullies.

Anyone who has ill intention for you or trying to harm you or trying to cheat your money or trying to back stab you, tell him! He will create their mind into a state of confusion and for extreme case, they might go into mild state of loss.


4)    You will find that your good fortune improve as slowly because he is good at altering your energy or aura or thoughts towards a better life and change any negative force to a beneficial force for you.


5)    A mixture of thai and Cambodia spell which help you for Victory in Challenging Situation.


6)    Endless power: the master has add in a special herb will protect this golden boy, keep energized and amplify the powers of him so that he can effectively help you on your wishes.


7) more than 9 child ash is inside. Age 36 weeks. Why?
Because age 36 weeks child already has soul. with soul, they can work upon your command.

為什麼36週?因為36歲的週子已經有了靈魂。有靈魂的,他們可以根據您的命令, 非常零。

BUYER will be given “I AM THE MASTER” user manual, on how to position your wish to him as a master, how to reverse to a successful wish from a unsuccessful wish, what state of mind when making wish, how to seek answer from him, how to communicate with him, and how and how seek answer from him etc... 


Question and Answer:

 Q:Who is the master?

 Answer: Buyer will be given the master information.

 Q: What i has to do or what i has to take note for this item?

 Answer: Only buyer will be given a details formula which contain what to do, what to take note, how to activate this item etc.

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